Lots of transport costs saved

Lots of transport costs saved

Processing of the finest soil for the meerkat enclosure at The Zoo in Haag.

Use of a LS28 vibrating screen for several days at an animal park project of the city of Haag in Lower Austria, where five new residents moved into a 250 m² enclosure in the summer of 2018.

This project was tailor-made for the XAVA Vibrating Screen LS28. Soil for the new meerkat enclosure was removed from a nearby gravel pit and screened to 0–10 mm with a XAVA screen. The stones were removed easily and cleanly thanks to the vibrating principle and the fine soil was transported straightaway into the enclosure with no need for intermediate storage. The operators of the zoo were impressed by the short set-up time, the excellent final grain quality and the good output.

Finely screened soil for the lively meerkats


“This is how we imagine the perfect cycle. Our compact screening units can be used quickly and in many different ways, saving on a lot of mileage, which of course also benefits the environment”, says XAVA owner Stefan Lößl.

Using the LS28 screening machine, up to three different grain sizes can be produced by using the discharge chute and the separating plate. Stony or dirty earth is thus processed into valuable soil material.