You can also rent our screens and conveyors

XAVA_Rendering LS28_2022

Vibrating Screen LS28

Daily rate € 350,-*
XAVA_Rendering LS24_2022

Vibrating Screen LS24

Daily rate € 300,-*

Vibrating Screen LS16X

Daily rate € 220,-*
XAVA_Rendering LS16_2022

Vibrating Screen LS16

Daily rate € 200,-*
XAVA_Rendering LS14X_2022

Vibrating Screen LS14X

Daily rate € 120,-*
XAVA_Rendering LS14_2022

Vibrating Screen LS14

Daily rate € 100,-*
XAVA_Rendering LS12_2022

Vibrating Screen LS12

Daily rate € 75,-*

Conveyor Belts

On request

* These prices are valid in Austria and do not include VAT and transport.