Where can you still find machines today that don‘t need a display screen or WiFi?

XAVA‘s compact vibrating screens are built to do what they‘re supposed to do without the fancy bells and whistles. They just need to work. Reliable and simple - job done. What it takes is proven design and quality manufacturing.

Clever advantages instead of fancy frills.

XAVA LS28 Schotter-Erde_gravel and soil_1

Clever advantages instead of fancy frills.

Simple handling

Switch on, switch off – that‘s it.


Flexible screening of a wide range of materials. Screen decks are easy to replace.


Electric drive system. No noise, no emissions, no contamination of the site.


Easy to transport with a standard car trailer and lifting device.

Low maintenance

Changing the screen decks and tightening the bolts at regular intervals is all the attention that these machines need.

Made in Austria

Developed and built in Austria. Featuring high quality components such as original springs from Eibach in Germany and top class motors from Italy.


Often copied, never close to the original.

More about our XAVA originals in our folder.

XAVA LS24 Bauschutt_rubble_1