Vibrating screen & jaw crusher are a great combo in asphalt and rubble recycling

Vibrating screen & jaw crusher are a great combo in asphalt and rubble recycling

Is a compact vibrating screen with only 1.7 tons able to process the end material of 15 tons jaw crusher?

Many users are probably wondering and the answer is clear: YES! XAVA has now demonstrated this in various screening projects, such as recently at a customer in Lembach (Upper Austria), where a BMD jaw crusher was used in combination with the XAVA Vibrating Screen LS28 for asphalt recycling. Up to 80 t / h from 0-60 0mm asphalt demolition was crushed and separated to 0/20 mm and 20/60 mm.

Hardly any Set-Up Times for Crusher and Screener

Gebrochener Asphalt 0-20mm mit Rüttelsieb LS28
Crushed asphalt 0-20mm screened with the XAVA vibrating screen LS28

These two machines showed reliable and constant performance and were ready for use within 15 minutes. Johann Engleder, Austrian dealer of XAVA screening machinery and BMD crushers, was impressed:

„I often work with both machines because I can transport them perfectly with my company’s own truck and trailer, and in combination they achieve fabulous results. The quick and uncomplicated commissioning is a big plus.”

Flexible use of the vibrating screen thanks to a large selection of screen meshes

“Many customers appreciate the flexibly definable grain sizes,” says Johann Engleder. The preparation professional usually uses a Hardox perforated plate to process natural stone or asphalt:

“The perforated plate is very resilient and the ideal choice for the rough material. To dust off our wood chips, I usually use two square mesh screens, one deck with a 16mm mesh and the second deck with 10mm. So I can quickly remove the fine fraction, which is important for some heating plants we supply.”