Vibrating screen instead of drum screen

Vibrating screen instead of drum screen

For almost 30 years, Josef Kehrer has been working as a composter and now produces tonnes of humus with compost from seven municipalities. He rented a drum screen for a long time, but has now been an extremely satisfied XAVA vibrating screen customer for six years.

Josef Kehrer, a full-time farmer from Putzleinsdorf, has been running an organic farm with 45 dairy cows and 41 ha of agricultural land for 20 years. Since 1990, he has also been involved in composting shredded shrub cuttings, garden and kitchen waste, soil, grass/lawn cuttings and solid manure. He now composts organic waste from seven municipalities (about 200m³ per year), as well as 1,500m³ of delivered material on his certified, approx. 50 m long composting plant. On the one hand, the compost produced is used on his own fields to naturally increase plant growth and promote the health of the soil and CO2 storage. On the other, it is sold, or sold as a valuable plant soil mixture of compost, sand and humus.


Separation of 2 or 3 fractions

More economical and flexible with the vibrating screen

To process the compost, Josef Kehrer needs a turning machine and a screening device. “Until recently, I rented a drum screen to separate the fine and coarse parts, but the transportation and commissioning always took a relatively long time, so I started looking for an alternative. Thanks to Johann Engleder, in the summer I was able to test the Vibrating Screen LS28 from XAVA Recycling kostenlos testen und war sofort begeistert. free of charge and was immediately impressed. It achieves a throughput rate of 30-40m³/h for screening to 0/10 mm and approx. 50m²/h for the coarser grain size of 0/16mm“, explains Josef Kehrer. He wasn’t aware before that a – vibrating screen – compared to a drum screen  – represents a qualitatively equivalent, but also very cost-saving alternative.

Kehrer is convinced: „The Price-Performance Ratio is excellent, and I’m now much more flexible. The machine is space-saving and can be manoeuvred very easily and quickly with my wheel loader. If I’d known that a vibrating screen for compost processing was such a good alternative to a drum screen, I would’ve changed over much earlier.“