Processing on site – a promising trend also for private construction sites

Processing on site – a promising trend also for private construction sites

Excavated earth or building rubble is not only generated by corporate projects – especially in house and garden construction, or renovation projects, there’s often a lot of recyclable material.

XAVA Recycling from Upper Austria has dedicated itself to this issue for many years and has the ideal screening machines available for exactly this target group. The Vibrating Screen LS12 and Vibrating Screen LS14 are available for small projects. They can be transported on a car trailer and are quickly and easily operated by means of a 230 volt power outlet. However, the larger XAVA Vibrating Screen model LS28 with a screen surface of 1630 x 2560 mm already pays off for the treatment of excavated earth for an average single-family house with approx. 800 m² of land. This screen is ideally fed by an 8-tonne excavator or a wheel loader of this size and, depending on the size and nature of the material, screens up to 80 tonnes per hour. It is driven by a heavy current connection and can even be rented from XAVA as a package with a power unit.

LS28: Perfect Screen for Processing Excavated Earth

Save costs for transport, disposal and acquisition of new soil
Einsparung von Abtransport, Entsorgung und Anschaffung neuer Erde

Thomas Zwirner moved into his single-family home in St. Valentin (Lower Austria) at the beginning of this year and wanted to plant his garden in autumn. He built his house, including cellar, on a plot of 822m² and had afterwards 300m³ of excavated earth on his property. Now the question arose for him whether it would be more cost and time-effective to have this excavated material – which was of course covered with stony soil – transported away and to purchase finely screened humus for his garden, or to treat the excavated material himself.

“It’s very important to me that I only have to lay my lawn once and simply be able to enjoy it afterwards. Lots of acquaintances of mine quickly laid out their garden and later regretted it. That’s why a neighbour recommended that I screen the existing soil to save myself the laborious job of collecting the stones that would inevitably reappear later”.

Fein gesiebte Erde für den neu angelegten Garten
Finely screened soil for the newly planted garden

Enormous savings potential thanks to on-site recycling

Mr. Zwirner’s calculations were simple, but reasonable. He compared the disposal of old and the laying out of new soil with treatment using rented machines: “I asked for some quotations and would have paid about € 1,800 for the disposal of the 300m³ of excavated earth, plus € 15.30/m³ for 120m³ of fresh soil (= € 1,836) to lay out my garden. With an excavator hourly rate of € 70 per hour, and a daily rental price of € 300 for a XAVA LS28 screen, I found the decision very easy. We finished laying out and levelling my garden in less than two working days. I’ve saved about € 2,100 and I’m more than satisfied with the result. We screened down to 0–10 mm and used the coarser, stony material for the subsoil. The upper layer consists exclusively of the finest soil and we’ve even got some finely screened soil left over. As well, the professional advice, the perfect execution and the easy operation of the machine make me an enthusiastic XAVA customer”, says Zwirner.