Ideal for cleaning excavated earth on construction sites

Ideal for cleaning excavated earth on construction sites

Perfect for loading with a compact loader with up to 4 tons, the XAVA screening machine LS24 is particularly suitable for processing any soil for gardening and landscaping.

The company Gartenbau Wieseneder is mainly active in the eastern Lower Austria and Vienna surroundings and serves many private construction sites, public companies and cooperatives. Owner Leopold Wieseneder was looking for a screen for his construction sites, so that he can process the excavated earth on site and reuse it immediately. Until now, tons of contaminated soil had to be removed and clean soil had to be purchased expensively. He expects a recycling share of 2 thirds thanks to screening.

Rüttelsieb LS24 Fein gesiebte Erde
Finely screened soil for Wieseneder's construction sites produced with the XAVA Vibrating Screen LS24

In the end, price performance counts

“I have been planning to buy a screening machine for a long time to clean up the earth excavation from our construction sites, and I was originally thinking of a drum screen. Such a drum screen, however, would hardly pay off for my application and I do not need the screen for mixing soil, but only for separating rootwork, stones and other impurities.

That’s why a GaLaBau colleague advised me to check out a XAVA vibrating screen,” says the entrepreneur. Mr. Wieseneder had originally become aware of XAVA because of the LS28 vibrating screen and saw the smaller version, the XAVA screening machine LS24, at the XAVA headquarters in Lembach.

Leopold Wieseneder was immediately convinced of this vibrating screen:

“The dimensions, especially the height and the low weight are optimal for my field of application. In the future, I want to load the screen with a 3.5 tonne wheel loader and can lift and transport it perfectly with my truck including a crane.”